Kapustino Cemetery - Veregin district, Saskatchewan
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Kapustino Cemetery - Veregin District, Saskatchewan


The following is a transcription of the Kapustino Doukhobor Cemetery located 9 miles north-east of Veregin, Saskatchewan. Rural Municipality of Keys No. 303. Land location: SE 36-31-2 West of Second. Latitude: 5141.936. Longitude: 10209.328. Transcribed by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff with Fred S. Petroff and Fred J. Strelieff on April 30, 2005. Updated March 11, 2006.



View of the cemetery from the west facing east.


Historical Background


Kapustino Cemetery was established in 1905 by the Doukhobors of Kapustino village near Veregin. After the abandonment of the village in 1920, the cemetery continued to be used by local Doukhobors until the 1940's. It is no longer in active use and is badly overgrown. It is privately owned.  




The cemetery is approximately half an acre in size and is unenclosed. There is dense scrub and brush throughout. The cemetery contains approximately 50 interments in a single section comprised of six rows facing east-west. Over half the graves (45) have no marker, however, many of the mounds are still clearly visible. I have used death certificates and oral tradition to identify six of these. The remaining 39 or so unmarked graves are unidentified. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are typically plain, upright marble or slate headstones. Click here for an online cemetery map.


Driving Directions


To access the cemetery, travel north from the junction of Highway No. 5 and the Village of Veregin Exit on gravel Secondary Route No. 637 for 7 3/4 miles (12.5 km). Then turn west and continue on the gravel road for 4 miles (6.4 km). Turn north and travel .4 miles (.7 km). The cemetery is on the west side of the road, approximately 550 yards (500 m) from the road allowance. This cemetery is on private property and permission to access should be obtained by the owners.







Birth Date


Death Date






Jacob G.


May 15, 1878


Jan. 29, 1919














Larion L.




Jan. 25, 1920


Child of Larion & Annie - No Marker












Anastasia I.




Oct. 1, 1928


Wife of Fred - No Marker



Fred F.




Sep. 7, 1918









Feb. 22, 1930


No Marker












Nadia A.


Jul. 17, 1942


Jul. 24, 1942


Child of Alex & Mary - No Marker

Reibin   Anastasia I.   -   Mar. 7, 1936   No Marker














Dec. 25, 1874


Jun. 22, 1912


1st Wife of Kuzma

Tarasoff   Fred K.   Aug. 27, 1913   Jan. 8, 1923   Child of Kuzma & Polly - No Marker





Nov. 1, 1873


Sep. 22, 1918





Polly T.






2nd Wife of Kuzma


In addition, the following families resided in Kapustino village and may have members buried in Kapustino Cemetery: Chernoff, Derhousoff, Filipoff, Fofanoff, Kabatoff, Konkin, Lapshinoff, Lazareff, Maloff, Morozoff, Pereverzeff, Plotnikoff, Poohachoff, Repin, Rieben, Verigin.



View of the cemetery from the grid road facing west.





Various sources of data have been used in compiling this information including: marker transcriptions and death certificates. Special thanks to John Hoolaeff for assisting in identifying additional interments. This is a work in progress. If readers have any comments, corrections or additions with respect to Kapustino Cemetery, please contact Jonathan J. Kalmakoff.