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Memories of Veregin, Saskatchewan, 1920-1923


by Herbert & Margaret Fletcher


Herbert Fletcher (1894-?) and his wife Margaret Melrose Fletcher (1894-1976) were British teachers who arrived in Canada in 1920 to teach in the Saskatchewan government school system. For the next three years, they taught in a rural one-room school at Veregin, Saskatchewan. Thereafter, Herbert Fletcher was ordained as an Anglican priest and served in Ogema, Saskatchewan from 1923-1925 and Wynyard, Saskatchewan from 1925-1926, then returned to England with his family in 1926. While in Veregin, they took numerous photographs of the village and surrounding environs. The following exhibition of black and white photographs is reproduced by permission from the collection of Herbert and Margaretís daughter, Mrs. Margaret Berwick, of Wheatley, Oxfordshire, England. It contains rare historic photographs, taken primarily by Margaret Melrose Fletcher, of the village, its architecture, landscape and Doukhobor inhabitants and includes photographs of members of the Galisheff, Morozoff and Verigin families.   





[Photograph 1] Home of a prosperous Doukhobor farmer, about 300 yds

from school.



[Photograph 2] Canadian wagon.




[Photograph 3] School children.  Note the child with Doukhobor head dress.




[Photograph 4] Railway station.




[Photograph 5] Our nearest neighbours - two Doukhobors.




[Photograph 6] Mother and father of Wasyl Veregin our nearest neighbour.




[Photograph 7] Peter Veregin's house at Veregin.




[Photograph 8] "Grandfather" Veregin, our nearest neighbour.




[Photograph 9]  Pete Galisheff.




[Photograph 10] Tina Morozoff - Tim's Favorite.




[Photograph 11] II.




[Photograph 12] III.




[Photograph 13]  Veregin.




[Photograph 14] Railway Station Veregin - note the bad road.




[Photograph 15] Doukhobor Community Elevator.



Special thanks to Tricia Mitchell of Mansfield, England, granddaughter of Herbert and Margaret Melrose Fletcher, for submitting this these historic photographs for publication on the Doukhobor Genealogy Website.


These photographs are provided for personal genealogical research only. No photograph in this exhibition may be used in any way or reproduced without the express permission of the copyright holder.  For permission, please contact Tricia Mitchell.