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Druzhelyubaya Dolina

District: Eugene
Province: Oregon
Country: United States
During a visit to California in 1923, Doukhobor leader Peter "Lordly" Verigin invited the Molokans living there to join the Doukhobors in establishing one united community. To this end, Verigin purchased 800 acres near Eugene in Lane County, Oregon. Several Doukhobor families from British Columbia moved there the following year. Verigin named the settlement Druzhelyubaya Dolina (Дружелюбая Долина) meaning "friendly valley" or "friend-loving valley" in Russian. He reputedly planned on purchasing additional land and resettling hundreds of more Doukhobors from Saskatchewan and Alberta there. However, in the interim, Verigin was killed in a train explosion and his successor Peter "Chistiakov" Verigin was cool towards the idea. In 1928 the land was sold and the village was abandoned. [44 1' N - 123 13' W]



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