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District: Gadabay
Province: Gadabay
Country: Azerbaijan
In 1844, Doukhobor exiles from Tavria established the village of Slavyanka (Славянка) on the Shamkhor River in the Kedabek district of Elizavetpol province, Russia (present-day Gadabay district, Azerbaijan). It was named after the town of Slavyansk in Sloboda-Ukraine where many of the families had originated forty-two years earlier. That name, in turn, means “little Slavic girl” in Russian. It had several flourmills that served all the Doukhobor villages in the area. It was the site of the Burning of Arms in that area in 1895. In the Soviet era, the Kolkhoz Put’ Ilicha (“Ilich Way Collective Farm”) was formed there. In the 1990’s and 2000’s, the Doukhobor population was depleted by emigration to Russia and today the population is primarily Azeri. The mineral spring at Slavyanka is noted for its healing waters. [40° 39' 27" N - 45° 48' 38" E]



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