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District: Mykhailivka
Province: Zaporiz'ka
Country: Ukraine
In 1923-1924, Doukhobors established the village of Slavyanka (Славянка) in the Mikhailovka (now Mykhailivka) district of Zaporiz’ka province, Ukraine. It was named after the village of Slavyanka in Azerbaijan where some of them originated. It was also known as Slavyanovka (Славяновка). In 1928-1932, the village was collectivized as the Artel Shlyakh Ilicha (“Ilich Way Artel”). In the Second World War, the village suffered great devastation and was subsequently rebuilt. Today the population is primarily Orthodox Ukrainian. The village is now spelt in Ukrainian as Slovyanka (Словянка) or Slovyanovka (Словяновка). [47° 15' 0" N - 35° 22' 0" E]



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