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Koch Siding

District: Slocan Park
Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
In 1906, the Canadian Pacific Railway built a lumber siding fifteen miles north of Castlegar, British Columbia on the east bank of the Slocan River. It was named Koch Siding after William C.E. Koch (1858-1931) who pre-empted the land on which the siding was built in 1896 and established a sawmill there. A lumber camp was established there. In 1914, the sawmill, camp and surrounding timber stands were purchased by the Doukhobor Community. Thereafter, the settlement was known by the Doukhobors as Kov (Ков), a Russianization of the original name. At Kov, the Doukhobors operated a large sawmill, resaw, planer mill, catch boom, blacksmith shop and irrigation system. They also built a large community hall with special quarters for Doukhobor leader Peter “Lordly” Verigin to stay when he visited the area, as well as a large barracks with sleeping and eating quarters for Doukhobor mill workers from other areas. Koch Siding School was built there in 1914. In 1928, Doukhobor leader Peter “Chistyakov” Verigin renamed the settlement Petrovka (Петровка) after himself. The residents, however, did not embrace the new name, and the settlement eventually reverted back to the original name. Beginning in the Twenties, Koch Siding merged into the adjoining settlement of Slocan Park. By 1961-1963, the CCUB lands and assets were sold. Today, Slocan Park is a small, unincorporated rural farming and logging community (2006 pop. 361). [District Lot 3280, Kootenay District] [49.52580° N, - 117.63537° W]



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