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Verigin Subdivision

District: Trail
Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
In 1910, the CCUB purchased 7.7 acres of land on the south bank of the Columbia River in Trail, British Columbia. There they built a three-story brick communal home (1910), shingle mill (1913), manager’s residence and business office, three one-story apartment houses and a depot for the sale of bricks and timber. They also grew a large market garden for the sale of vegetables. In 1925, the directors of the CCUB subdivided the land into 29 lots. It was named Verigin Subdivision after Doukhobor leader Peter “Lordly” Verigin (1859-1924). Most of the vacant lots were sold in 1925-1931. The remaining lots and buildings were sold following the demise of the CCUB in 1937-1938. [Lots 1-29, District Lot 230, Kootenay District]



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