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District: Hills
Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
In 1900, the Canadian Pacific Railway built a lumber siding along Bonanza Creek, fourteen miles north of Slocan Lake, British Columbia. It was named Hill Siding after brothers Alfred (1850-1907) and Wilson (1862-1929) Hill who leased the land on which the siding was built and established a sawmill there. By 1907, the siding name was shortened to Hills. The siding remained uninhabited until 1929-1934, when eight Independent Doukhobor families from Saskatchewan settled there. Others followed and Hill Siding, as it was known, became a thriving farming and logging hamlet. By 1947 it boasted two stores, a community hall and a Doukhobor prayer home. Hill Siding School operated there from 1934 to 1950. In 1952, the hamlet name changed to Hills with the opening of Hills Post Office. In 1953, the siding was relocated three miles to be closer to the hamlet. By 1970, the logging boom was over and the hamlet, along with the post office, disappeared. The siding was discontinued in 1981. Today Hills is an unincorporated rural residential area dotted with small farms. [District Lot 8127, Kootenay District] [50 06' 00" N - 117 29' 00" W]



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